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Schools in Chartwell, Hamilton

If you have children, you know the stress and time that goes into one of the most important decisions you’d make for them during their childhood – which school should my child go to?

The school that your children go to play one of the biggest parts in shaping them as an individual and understandably it’s not easy.

So, if you live in and around Chartwell, here is a little bit of help to give you a starting point and an idea of what’s out there.

Bankwood School

Bankwood school is a primary school in Chartwell, Hamilton for both boys and girls from Year 1 to 6. The school’s motto is ‘Being the best we can be’ and this applies to all aspects of daily learning.

The management of the school believe in working together as a team to develop a child’s skills and talents positively in an inclusive and caring environment.

They also ensure that the parent is highly involved with everything happening at school and the child, home and school are well connected and in sync.

The school is extremely multicultural, which means children get to interact with other cultures and become more transnational in their perspective.

All in all, Hamilton’s Bankwood School provides an extremely warm and collaborative environment for students and parents.

We at Grace Evangelical Church also conduct Morning Service and Sunday School at Bankwood School in Chartwell, Hamilton.

Hukanui Primary School

Another primary school in Chartwell is Hukanui Primary School. The school’s vision is primarily to create a leading learning environment that maximises a child’s potential.

Hakanui school is very dedicated towards creating an environmentally friendly curriculum and this is school’s biggest strength.

The school is actively involved with WWF New Zealand, the largest organisation in the world dedicated towards protecting the planet and being more considerable of the environment.

The students at Hakanui have worked on eco-classroom projects since 2004.

The school is also very multicultural and has students that are Maori, European, Asian, African, Pacific and also international students.

Source: Ministry of Education, New Zealand

Fairfield Primary

Fairfield Primary, located right by the Fairfield park, is one of the oldest schools in Hamilton and has been open since the year 1919. The school still has one of the original blocks which has been turned into a beautiful library and the campus also has beautiful old trees.

The school’s vision to empower learners to succeed.

Their belief for every student revolves around RESPECT (for people, places and property), EXCELLENCE (to do your best) and RESILIENCE (to never give up).

Maori and Tongan students make up about 78% of the school’s roll and rest are students of Pacific ethnicities.

The school strongly believes in promoting Maori culture and traditions and makes it part of the learning at school.

Over time, the school has developed strategies to address needs of children with special abilities.

The school is responsive to the diversity of its student community and teachers encourage positive interaction with and among students. Culturally responsive teaching practices emphasise whanaungatanga (family-like relationships), manaakitanga (sharing and contributing), and mahi tahi (working together cooperatively).

Fairfield Intermediate

Fairfield Intermediate is a multicultural school in Fairfield, Hamilton. Their vision is Whakaharahara ākonga, whakaharahara wāhi – Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Place.”

The school is a year 7-8 school, and the management believes that these two years in an adolescent’s life can be both challenging and exciting, which is why they specialise in this age group and make sure that each child grows, develops and changes individually.

The 4 virtues of the school are ‘Courtesy’, ‘Courage’, ‘Co-operation’ and ‘Commitment’.

They also have a large variety of opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, for students to engage in.

Fairfield College

The last on our list is Fairfield college, a senior state secondary school in Hamilton. This school was originally built on a 36 acre dairy farm and is one of the largest school sites in the country.

The school believes in being respectful, being responsible and being the best you can be.

It’s the first Hamilton school to introduce mufti clothing, an alternate to school uniforms in 1980s.


All of these school are only a 5 to 10 minute drive from Grace Evangelical Church Hamilton – which is located in Chartwell.